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Divorce Valuations | Divorce Appraisal

At Circumference Valuations, we understand divorce is stressful, especially when spouses begin the separation of financial assets. Whether you or your spouse is the owner of the business, or you and your spouse are business partners, the business or professional practice is often the most significant asset of the marital estate. Add this to the discussion of unfamiliar, complex financial matters and communication during divorce proceedings can easily breakdown.

A business appraisal for divorce is the first step toward making some very difficult, but ultimately necessary, choices.

What factors should you consider in selecting a valuation appraiser for your divorce?

It is often tempting to hire someone you know, such as your accountant, to prepare your valuation. If you do so, be aware that this impairs the preparer’s appearance of independence. Don’t underestimate the importance of an independent valuation report in your divorce case.

There are several advantages working with Circumference Valuations:

What a summary valuation report provides:

This divorce valuation from a credentialed expert establishes a comprehensive opinion of value and:

Our training, experience and credentials help us offer big-firm performance while giving your needs personalized attention and commitment at a lower price.

To learn more about divorce appraisals, contact the experts at Circumference Valuations by calling (877) 988-0911 or online. GO

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